About Ace Hero


How our story begins...

ACE HERO has a passion for fashion and the environment. 


Ace Hero is a women's fashion clothing brand, based in Hong Kong.  Ace Hero is a destination for style, offering classy and quality clothing.  Our experience in-house design team pride themselves on producing high quality essentials and fashion-forward pieces.  Our collections are distinct yet timeless, fitting effortlessly into everyday wear. By using recycled fabrics, we are reducing our carbon footprint and doing our bit to protect the environment.  By buying our products you are sharing our vision and helping too.

In 2021, we have our wedding range launch, it is Ace Hero BRIDAL.

ACE stands for - Always Caring for the Environment.

We strive to be Attractive, Aesthetic, Adventurous, Awesome, Alluring.

Here we would love to invite you to discover our design collections.

Stay tuned.