A More Sustainable Future With an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

Wedding planning is an exciting time for any couple. For the bride, choosing a wedding dress is a truly special part of the process. The bridal industry offers plenty of choices, including an eco-friendly wedding dress.

Browsing through recycled wedding dresses will show you that many brands focus on using more sustainable materials, like recycled polyester. Weddings are often lavish affairs, and an eco-friendly wedding dress doesn’t have to change that.

Both bride and bridesmaids can enjoy recycled polyester fashion and still look stunning. However, before choosing a recycled polyester wedding dress, you should learn everything about this eco-friendly alternative.

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress?

The most critical aspect of choosing a wedding dress is the style. Whether you're buying a custom-made or ready-made wedding dress, there’s something for everyone.

But the second most important feature is the fabric. Environmentally-friendly wedding dresses are available in various forms. Many brides opt to shop vintage or reuse a family member’s wedding dress. It’s one of the fastest and most convenient ways to acquire recycled wedding dresses.

However, if you're buying something new, you may consider a polyester wedding dress. Naturally, you might wonder – is polyester recyclable? The answer is yes.

It’s not the same as buying a “virgin” polyester wedding dress that will end up in a landfill. Buying a recycled polyester wedding dress allows you to do your bit in reducing the waste created by the fast-fashion industry.

Furthermore, with environmentally-friendly wedding dresses you have the opportunity to pay it forward. Not only can recycled polyester be recycled again, but you can also give your eco-friendly wedding dress to another bride.

Also, if you’re planning on giving away leftover wedding food, reuse the flowers, and ask your guests to carpool to the reception, recycled wedding dresses fit into the general theme.

Where Can You Buy Recycled Wedding Dresses?

If you’re set on the idea of shopping for an eco-friendly wedding dress, you might feel that there’s a challenge ahead of you. While you might not have the same variety of designs in recycled polyester fashion as you would in the traditional bridal industry, you still have excellent options.

You can find many recycled wedding dresses made from repurposed silk and even cotton. But the recycled silk can be pretty, and cotton is not the ideal fabric for a wedding dress.

One of the best solutions for environmentally-friendly wedding dresses is recycled polyester. Some fashion brands that focus heavily on eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices offer a full range of recycled polyester clothing.

When it comes to recycled polyester fashion, you can wear an eco-friendly dress to your wedding, buy a recycled polyester wedding party dress. If you're getting married in a pantsuit, you can even shop for recycled polyester blouses and shirts to go with your wedding.

You’ll need to do your own research and find brands that offer informative recycled polyester facts to shoppers and a wide range of recycled polyester products.

Is Polyester Recyclable?

The term “recycled polyester” is self-explanatory, but some still might wonder – is polyester recyclable, or it’s just a marketing gimmick?

Also, you might ask what is the difference between polyester and recycled polyester in the first place? To understand the importance of recycled polyester, we first must define what “virgin” polyester is.

Unlike silk or cotton, polyester is entirely manmade. This fibre is comprised of petrochemical products via a process called polymerisation. If it sounds complicated, that's because it is.

Polyester is easy to wash, dry, and is wrinkle-resistant. That's just three of the reasons why it's so widely used in the fast-fashion industry.

But brand-new polyester is not eco-friendly. The production includes excessive use of water, fossil fuels, and various harmful chemicals.

The polyester clothing in big brand fast-fashion stores is non-biodegradable and feels artificial to the touch. Widely used polyester is also not breathable like cotton.

So, what is the difference between polyester and recycled polyester then?

Recycled Polyester Facts

To answer the is polyester recyclable question, we’ll list several important recycled polyester facts to keep in mind about this sustainable fabric.

By knowing more about the subject, you'll be able to see if these materials are the right choice for your wedding dress.

Recycled Polyester Is Made From Plastic Bottles

When addressing the is polyester recyclable question, we must point out one crucial fact. While clothing garments made from 100% virgin polyester are recyclable, it is a far more complex process when mixed with other fabrics.

Most recycled polyester garments are made from recycled PET bottles, preventing them from ending up in a landfill. Some sustainable fashion brands specifically use bottles picked up from oceans and rivers.

Recycled Polyester Requires Fewer Resources

Nearly 90% less water is used in manufacturing recycled polyester than "virgin" polyester. It's one of the most significant recycled polyester facts.

As worldwide pollution increases each year, conserving water sources becomes more important. The same applies to natural gas and crude oil resources used considerably less in recycled polyester production.

Recycled Polyester Doesn’t Require the Use of Agricultural Land

One of the main controversies surrounding cotton manufacturing is the amount needed to sustain current demand.

It also doesn't involve taking advantage of living creatures, as is the case with silk. These natural materials have some benefits, but recycled polyester proves to be more eco-friendly in many ways.

Recycled Polyester Has Some Limitations

While many recycled polyester facts are positive, there are some drawbacks too. You can recycle polyester many times over, but the process is not indefinite.

Eventually, even the recycled polyester fibers may end up polluting the water. These are called microplastics, and they're released in washing machines.

Recycled Polyester for Your Wedding Dress

Textile recycling is important, but it's not a perfect process – at least not yet. The efforts to reduce the harmful impact of the fast-fashion industry have been promising, but there is a long way to go.

If you care about doing your bit for the environment, there are many ways you can contribute. Choosing a recycled polyester wedding dress is an excellent example.

This type of material is easier to manage than cotton or linen and looks shinier and more beautiful. An eco-friendly wedding dress can be the cherry on top of your gorgeous and sustainable wedding.