How to Maintain Recycled Polyester Dresses

Recycled polyester is one of the best materials for a dress. Besides being sustainable and eye-catching, it’s also easy to maintain. This makes it ideal for people who don’t want to spend hours washing and ironing their recycled polyester satin maxi dress and similar garments.

That said, you’ll still need to be careful not to damage the fabric while cleaning or ironing your recycled polyester maxi items. To help you do so, we’ll give you a detailed guide on maintaining these fabrics.

How Do You Maintain a Recycled Polyester Maxi Dress and Other Similar Garments?

Your recycled polyester faux feather maxi dress may be durable, but it can lose some of its robust features with improper maintenance. Take the following steps to avoid this and prevent ruining your recycled polyester maxi garments:

Separate the Clothes

The first step is to separate all your recycled polyester fabrics from other materials. Do the same for your black and light-coloured garments.

Add a Stain Removing Solution

Apply your stain remover to a recycled polyester faux feather maxi dress and other items with spot soiling. Secure any snaps, zippers, and buttons, and turn your garments inside out. Finally, place them inside your washer.

Set a Cycle

Using the appropriate cycle is the most important step when washing a recycled polyester satin maxi dress, recycled polyester corset bodice dress, and similar garments. Avoid using the permanent press cycle unless the garment has wrinkles.

Use a gentler setting, the kind employed for blankets, sheets, robes, and delicate shirts. If your recycled polyester corset bodice dress or recycled polyester faux feather maxi dress is marked with “hand wash only”, you’ll need a different approach. Wash them in cold water in your bathtub or sink or use the coldest washing machine setting.

Pour a High-Quality Detergent

Choosing a detergent is mostly up to you; just make sure to avoid products with chlorine bleach. Add the detergent into the appropriate compartment by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can also soak your white recycled polyester satin maxi dress and other dresses made of recycled polyester for approximately 15 minutes in the washer. If you opt for this method, wash the clothes with one cup of vinegar afterwards.

Remove Your Recycled Polyester Maxi Dress and Any Other Garment From the Machine

Once the cycle is over, remove the recycled polyester satin maxi dress, recycled polyester corset bodice dress, and any other items from the washer. Dry garments recommended for handwashing on your sweater rack or clothesline. You can also use a dryer but make sure not to over-dry your dresses, as this can lead to shrinkage.

The remaining dresses should be put in the tumble dryer on a low setting and removed once the cycle ends to prevent wrinkles.

Iron the Dresses

Ironing your dresses may not be a part of the washing process, but it’s an integral part of keeping them in great shape.

First, set your iron on its lowest setting and let it heat up. Lay your recycled polyester maxi dress flat on the board with its face down.

Then, place the upper part of your iron lightly against the edge of the fabric. Since it’s on the lowest setting, it shouldn’t melt or burn the material. Move the device over your dress and stay close to the edge to ensure it can endure the heat. Push your iron across the entire surface of the dress to smooth out any creases.

After a few strokes, your recycled polyester corset bodice dress or whatever piece of clothing you’re ironing should be good as new. Also, don’t forget to stick to the lowest temperature. Otherwise, the material may melt.

Another important tip is to avoid using spray starch. Over time, it can dull the fabric’s sheen.

How Do You Get Rid of Wrinkles of Recycled Polyester Dresses?

The abovementioned method should do the trick for most recycled polyester dresses when it comes to maintenance. However, some recycled polyester clothes, such as a recycled polyester satin maxi dress, may be particularly susceptible to wrinkling. Washing them the wrong way can lead to creases that can permanently ruin their appearance.

Luckily, you can help eliminate wrinkling with a few simple techniques:

  • Wash your recycled polyester corset bodice dress or any other garment in warm water. The temperature should range between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Use the permanent press cycle because it works great for clothes prone to wrinkling. Alternatively, use the “Warm” or “Medium” setting.
  • Shake the recycled polyester satin maxi dress and other clothes to help release the wrinkles and run the permanent press cycle for approximately 15 minutes. Feel free to place more than one item inside the washer, but each garment must have enough room to move around.
  • Take the dresses out of the washing machine as soon as it’s done. The garments should be slightly moist. Hang them and let them air dry.
  • If the wrinkles persist, turn out the dresses and hang them in a place with airflow on both sides.
  • Turn on your clothes steamer and pass the head over your recycled polyester dresses. Hold the device at least an inch away from the garment to prevent damaging the surface. If any wrinkles remain, turn the other side of the dress and steam once again.

The steam cleaner should work like a charm for wrinkly recycled dresses, but it may not remove the most stubborn creases. In that case, you can use your iron again:

  • Lay the dress on a towel-covered table or ironing board.
  • Pour water into your spray bottle and spritz the garment to dampen it lightly.
  • Place a thin cotton towel or press cloth over the item.
  • Set the iron to the “Synthetics” setting and apply light pressure on your dress to remove the remaining wrinkles.

Don’t Neglect Your Recycled Polyester Maxi Dresses

Your recycled polyester satin maxi dress may look amazing, but retaining its fabulous appearance requires the correct maintenance. The same goes for any other recycled polyester garments. With proper care, they’ll help you feel confident and comfortable years after the purchase.